SALSA – Small farms, small food businesses and sustainable food security

The 25 European reference regions in SALSA.

SALSA aims to provide a better understanding of the current and potential contribution of small farms and food businesses to sustainable food and nutrition security. SALSA pioneers a novel integrated multi-method approach in 30 regions in Europe and Africa, using the most recent satellite technologies, transdisciplinary approaches, food systems mapping and participatory foresight analysis.

The project recognises the tremendous diversity of small farms and food systems in Europe and Africa, and pays particular attention to their vulnerability and resilience. SALSA uses a food systems perspective to look beyond production capacity and investigate food security in terms of the availability of nutritious and safe food, food access and control (including affordability), food utilisation, and food stability.

SALSA examines relevant governance systems related to the organisation of small farmers and food chains, and provides tools to guide decision-makers in enhancing the contribution of small farms and food businesses to food and nutrition security. The project pays particular attention to effective collaboration and exchange between European and African research and practice partners, thereby supporting the implementation of the EU-Africa Dialogue.

SALSA effectively engages with stakeholders and decision-makers relevant to small farms and food and nutrition security, and facilitates a dialogue that cuts across classical boundaries in research, policy, and practice.

Leader:  Institute of Mediterranean Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (ICAAM), University of Évora

UNESCO Chair team members: Filipe Themudo Barata

Funding source:  H2020 (H2020-SFS-18-2015)

Duration:  2016-2019