João Lopes Filho

After having concluded his PhD in Anthropology (branch of Ethnology) with Distinction and Honour, he became a Professor of Anthropology (with specialization in African Studies) at the Nova University of Lisbon (UNL) and the University of Cape Verde. As scholarly teacher and coordinator, he has a vast teaching experience in the areas of Museology and Heritage, African Literatures and Cultures, and Heritage, Tourism and Development, with Master of Arts courses administered at the University of Cape Verde, the Nova University of Lisbon (UNL), and other distinguished Portuguese institutions.

As researcher he has pursued his work at the Centre for Sociological Studies (CESNOVA – Nova University of Lisbon – UNL), the Center for African Studies (University of Lisbon – ULisboa), and the Center for the Study of International Migration at the Open University.

Apart from his academic career, he is also a well known writer of fiction who, in 2010, received the Sonangol Grand Prize for Literature.

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