José Carlos Tiago de Oliveira

José Carlos Brandão Tiago de Oliveira studied mathematics at the Universities of Luanda, Lisbon and Marseille. He has always worked in team contexts: at the University of Luanda (with David Gagean), Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (Carlos de Jesus), University of Aveiro (David Vieira), FCSH (Nguyen Van Minh, Dias Barbosa, Joaquim Perez, Graça Simões), PARTEX-CPS (Antonio Ribeiro), University of Évora (Franco de Oliveira, José Mascarenhas, Fernando Ferreira, Telma Santos, Bal Chandra Luitel), Cape Verde Higher Institute of Education (Jorge Brito, Paulino Fortes, Carlos Bellino, Ana Semedo ), and the National University of Timor Lorosae (Lino Verdial, Zulmira Ximenes, Madre Guilhermina Marcal). Presently, he is a full member of the Center for Philosophy of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, following the thematic line of Unity of Science and Interdisciplinarity. Within this line, he is the coordinator of a case study named Transcontinental Interdisciplinarity.
He prefers cooperation, education and publishing to investigation and has taught courses in the areas of communication, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, architecture and human ecology, in addition to course subjects such as the history of mathematical thought, logic and foundations, or geometry. The focus of his research lies on the twentieth century. In this context, he wrote the biography of scientist J. Tiago de Oliveira and undertook the publication of his works (1 + 3 volumes). He has been investigating the life and work of Escher, Borges, Lima de Freitas and António Gião and wrote about the Far East, cosmology, infinity, catastrophes, fractals and quaternions.
As coordinator of the Erasmus Mundus Mobility with Asia EMMAsia 2013 programme and adjunct to EMMAsia 2014, he is actively involved in providing individual mobility flows of academics from partner countries in Asia.

He is also editor in chief of José Luís Simões da Fonseca’s book “de natura animae psychologiae principia mathematica et philosophyae naturalis” (Nature of the Soul Psychology: Mathematical Principles and Natural Philosophy), published by Gatha Cognition in 2017.See more