Sara Albino

Sara Albino was born in Lisbon. She holds a BA Degree in European Studies (2006) and a Master in European Policies (2009) by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon, a PhD in Tourism by the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning of the University of Lisbon and in Management Studies by the University of Exeter’s Business School (2015). She has been an invited lecturer at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon in (2011-2012) and at the School of Arts of the Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp (2014). Within the framework of COST, she has participated in the project Tourism, Wellbeing and Ecosystem Services (ToBeWell), coordinated by the University of Exeter, in the area of tourism policies, culture and society. Areas of study and research: public space and the process of its ‘heritagisation’, tourism and heritage, marketing strategies and territorial branding.

Selected publications on heritage:

  • Albino, Sara (2013) Tourism in UniverCities. The entrepreneurial university and the shifting values of cultural heritage, in Tourism and the Shifting Values of Cultural Heritage: Visiting Pasts, Developing Futures [Taipei, Taiwan, 5-9 April 2013] Conference Proceedings, eds. University of Birmingham, UNESCO, National University of Taiwan and Paris Sorbonne.
  • Albino, Sara (2011) Democratizing the Grand Tour – Tourism in Historic University-Cities, in 2nd International Conference on Anglo-Portuguese Studies [Lisbon, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 18-20 April 2011], Conference Proceedings.
  • Albino, Sara (2010) University Tourism, in Turismos de Nicho, Centro de Estudos Geográficos da Universidade de Lisboa.